Shopify opens up AI services to more users

June 24, 2024
Darren Parkin

VETERAN e-commerce platform Shopify has opened up its AI-powered features to more users as it attempts to drum up more customers and increased revenues.

The Canadian company has offered up its much-admired smartphone image-enhancing editing tool which, until today, had only been available to use on product images.

Its 'Sidekick' artificial intelligence chatbot has also graduated from test net with 2,000 users to become fully available. Sidekick was designed to assist merchants by answering queries, but it has also attracted external interest for its data on customer behaviour.

The 18-year-old firm's president - Harley Finkelstein - said today that 150 updates had now 'unified' to give merchants a better experience.

Despite booming online trade during the Covid-19 pandemic, Shopify has had a tough time recently and has now vowed to plough extra funds into marketing after its stock fell to a six-month low following a slow revenue forecast.

In November 2021, Shopify's market cap was almost double its current figure of $82.22 billion.