Real Bedford and crypto giant Gemini tie up five-year sponsorship deal

July 3, 2024
Darren Parkin

NON-league football club Real Bedford has signed a five-year sponsorship agreement with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.

The deal follows a recent announcement that Winklevoss Capital - the investment firm owned by Gemini founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss - made a $4.5 million Bitcoin investment into the club in April 2024.

Gemini’s five-year sponsorship deal, one of the longest multi-year shirt sponsor deals outside of the UK’s professional game, will be paid directly into the club’s Bitcoin treasury. This treasury supports the club’s ambitious goals of reaching the Premier League by safeguarding it against high inflation.

With plans to develop a new training centre and launch a youth football academy focused on underprivileged children in the Bedford region, the treasury plays a vital role in protecting the club’s savings and investments.

Real Bedford was acquired by journalist, Bedford resident and host of the 'What Bitcoin Did' podcast, Peter McCormack who has been instrumental in integrating Bitcoin into every aspect of the club. Players are able to receive payments in Bitcoin and supporters are able to use the flagship cryptocurrency to purchase tickets and merchandise.

The sponsorship deal comes on the back of some massive successes, with the club achieving consecutive league promotions and cup wins in the last two seasons, as an impressive 81% win rate propelled them into the Southern League Division One Central.

"Our strategic five-year deal reaffirms our continued conviction that Real Bedford - powered by Bitcoin and Peter’s leadership - has the ability to defy the odds, upset the establishment, and dethrone incumbents,” said Marshall Beard, COO of Gemini.

“Through our investment, Real Bedford’s balance sheet will be fortified with digital assets, giving them advantages on and off the pitch. We can’t wait to see what the club achieves in the coming years.”

Real Bedford's owner, Peter McCormack, extended his gratitude to Gemini for renewing the sponsorship agreement to 2029.

"By accepting payment in Bitcoin, this deal strengthens our economic foundations," he said.

"In today's climate of reckless government economic policies, marked by massive borrowing, high inflation, and soaring interest rates, hardworking people are bearing the financial burden.

"While the government continues to stifle the productive class, Bitcoin offers a lifeline, providing individuals and businesses a way to safeguard their financial future. By integrating Bitcoin into our treasury, we have achieved a +62% return, thereby strengthening the club's financial position and protecting our cost base against the recent surge in inflation. Real Bedford is happy to share its Bitcoin strategy with any other club or business, feeling the strain of the current economic environment.”